Hi! Welcome to Feed the Fashionista!

I'm Essence. Student, Mom, Wife and Foodie who loves Fashion. I've been in love with food and fashion since I can remember. You know how kids get up on Saturday morning and watch cartoons? Not me, except for Jem, she was cool and very fashionable might I add. I instead turned to PBS and watched Justin Wilson "Garontee" the deliciousness of his Louisiana fare and saw my first omelet being made by Jeff Smith on The Frugal Gourmet.

My interest in food and fashion have continued throughout my life and I can honestly say the relationship was cemented with my introduction to cross colors and Great American Meals recipe cards. You guys remember those right? I've totally reveled my age with these references huh? But seriously, Clueless and The Food Network fortified the love and I haven't been able to shake either ever since. 

Food and Fashion were with me while earning my first degree, dating and marrying my husband, raising our daughter and the continuing of my education. None of these loves are going anywhere and this blog is a extension of all that love and me.

I hope you find something of use here.

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