Monday, June 16, 2014

DegThai Food Truck Nashville

As of late when considering eating out I have only wanted food that offers serious punch. My mindset has been one where I do not want to pay for sandwiches and salads and such. I want to pay for something I don't have the time to make or have not learned to do myself.

That's where my obsession with Thai food comes in. I have gone out of my way to eat Thai food like 4 times in the past three weeks. That's a lot for me. My favorite place is Lemongrass in Murfreesboro but I can't get good pictures there. The curries and spices and seasonings of Thai food just have spoken to my taste buds lately and they have demanded that I eat them. I found myself wanting Thai yet again on Friday but the restaurants near my job have extremely mixed reviews and I do not like to waste my money. So in steps DegThai

I'd seen the brightly colored green and yellow DegThai truck around town, but for some reason just never took time out to try their offerings. Well, I finally visited their food truck and I do not regret it one bit or bite. They were parked on 19th street not far from my job and on this cloudy day there was no line. I was able to walk straight up to the window and order. I was glad to see they used Square because when I tried to stop at the ATM earlier there was a guy who seemed to be having extreme difficulty getting whatever it was he needed accomplished. I waited and waited and after about 5 minutes of waiting for one man who walked up to a drive through ATM I had to go. I'm working on my patience.

Anyway, I got the Spring Rolls with Plum sauce and Green Curry. Big order and I guess I should explain why. I hate going to food trucks and leaving food trucks hungry. None of them are particularly cheap and it grinds my gears when I leave an eatery still hungry. I am not going to name names but it has happened twice and that leaves me pretty perturbed. I'd also gone out with the husband and some friends the night before, consumed adult beverages, stayed out until 2 am and had a voracious appetite by noon. Paying for food to still be hungry was just not going to work on this day. I also have been cutting back on eating carbs like rice, pasta, and bread (I know I ordered fried spring rolls, sue me) and I knew I wasn't going to eat all the rice served with the dish.

Anyway, again, the nice dude at the window took my order and told me it would be ready in about 4 minutes. 4 MINUTES! That peaked my interest. Fresh food, really fast- I was getting giddy. So about 4-6 minutes later my food was ready and I was heading to the car. I was pretty hungry so I tried the spring rolls while cranking up the car. Well, that was a good and a bad idea. Good because those spring rolls and the sticky sweet plum sauce they serve them with are really good. Bad because they give you three and I ate them all before I reached my parking lot, and got sticky sauce on my steering wheel, and slightly burned the roof of my mouth because they serve the food piping hot. Man, those rolls were good.

At work I was able to dig into the green curry chicken I ordered. I literally mean dig into. The dish was packed full of rice and chicken and veggies. The rice was perfectly cooked and the dish was still steaming! My only complaint would be that the sauce was a little too thick for my liking. I really even hate to say that because it was really good but I just prefer my green curry to be a little looser than the way it was served. It was still good and I wouldn't hesitate to return for another meal. I just would ask for a little extra curry sauce. Some people don't like it saucy. It's really a matter of preference because the food was good. So I got really good spring rolls and Thai green chicken curry for around 11 bucks before tip. I was full and happy.

So  DegThai gets a 4 outta' 5 stars from me. You should check them out.

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