Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY: 5 Step Scarf

I needed a black and grey scarf for an outfit but of course I don't own one. I do however own a black and grey sundress. Here's how to turn a cotton sundress into a scarf.

1. Lay the dress down flat and let's call the top side A and the bottom side B

2. Gather the dress and cross the bottom over the top   (side B over side A).

3. Loop Side A over Side B.  
4. Continue the loop by bringing side A under side B, forming a knot. 
5. Tuck remaining fabric of side A into the knot that has formed and you're done. You now have a scarf.

This is a fun and easy DIY project. Try it with floral or geometric prints and let me know what you come up with. 

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