Friday, November 1, 2013

Pawley's Front Porch

Our trip to North Myrtle Beach was fun, not long enough but fun.
There were several crazy things that happened to delay our arrival- one being Waze, our free turn by turn navigation, was on crack and lead us in every possible direction beside the shortest and our oil change fiasco which I could tell you about later. With our arrival to sand and sun hours delayed due to all the wackiness we decided to stick with our initial plan of eating at a decent hour, ya' know before sundown. It's kinda' a rarity since I'm back in school but since I was on fall break and Ellie was at Gran's (my mom's) we were gonna eat before sun down so help us! Since Waze was cracked out leading us to believe we were nowhere near NMB, we decided to take a delicious detour at the urging of Guy Fieri host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and headed to Pawley's Front Porch in the 5 Points area of Columbia SC. We were glad we did.

We arrived during happy hour to a nice selection of discounted wine, well drinks and drafts. They also had a really nice and long wait too. Luckily, we hopped on over to the bar outside and copped a squat there... and still waited. LOL. It was busy but they were broadcasting sports so the hubster and I were cool. When the bartender/waiter was able to assist us he was nice. The food took a little while to arrive, but again, they were super busy.

Joe had a Wadmalaw burger with hand cut fries and I had a Fripp Island burger with sweet potato fries. When they brought the plates out our eyes got big. It was a lot of food but we will never complain about that.

Joe let me take a bite of his huge burger and large portion of fries. It was good. It was a flavorful, moist and all around tasty burger with chipotle BBQ sauce, red onions, bacon and cheddar.  Might've had more to it but I can't remember.

Now on to my meal. Do not misunderstand me when I say this. I liked my burger but my sweet potato fries.....
Those sweet, slightly salty, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside strips of potato were so dern good I could have had 2 plates full. Everybody can't do sweet potato fries. I can't do sweet potato fries, yet, but I love them. So when I say I could have had a plate full of sweet potato fries it's not to say my burger wasn't good, I just really, really, REALLY love sweet potato fries.

My burger was tasty. It came with what was described as "southern salsa" (black eyed peas, onion and tomato mixture), a fried green tomato and boursin cheese.

I honestly I'd probably have Joe's burger if I went back because I liked it better but my burger was good too. If you're in Columbia, SC visit Pawley's. You won't be disappointed.

I wish I had more pictures to share but you live and you learn.

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