Friday, November 1, 2013

The Rolling Feast

I just had the most sensational food truck experience when I visited The Rolling Feast. This truck gave me the best first impression ever. When, not if, but when I go back, if the next dish is as heavenly, this will be my favorite food truck in all of Nashville. You read that correctly, I will love them more than The Grilled Cheeserie.

Anyway, I was thinking I hadn't tried any new food trucks in a while so I surfed over to the Nashville Food Truck Association website and looked for something to catch my eye. The pictures associated with The Rolling Feast did the trick so I checked out their website and schedule. They would be near my job in two days, so I waited. Two days later they were parked right down the street at beautiful Centennial Park and after a short drive I moseyed on up to their window. No lines in sight on this chilly 52 degree day. When I looked at the website earlier in the week I decided on the rolled tacos, but there were not on the menu when I got to the window. The nice guy working  the window suggested my already planned second choice of Chicken Nachos with Pablano Queso. After I paid for my $8 nachos and included a tip I waited for my food to be prepared. I watched them doing prep work, watched a set up crew setting up a tent outside the Parthenon  and watched the clouds rolling by since no one was there. I mean no one. The other food trucks, including Smoke Et Al and the Grilled Chesserie, of which I've both visited where just as vacant. Where were my other foodie peeps at? Just a week ago there was a long line at Hoss Loaded Burgers but it was also sunny and slightly breezy. Not dreary like today.

Anyhoo, I see the final touches being made to my nachos and I'm feeling good about it. Then the guy turns around and I see a mile high pile of deliciousness coming towards me and my eyes glaze over. It might've been food love at first site. These nachos were so beautiful. Fresh made chips topped with pinto beans, chicken, poblano chile queso, pico, cilantro and a heap of poblano crema on top with  tons of shredded, melted, gooey cheese. Oh My God. Seriously.OMG. I tried to conceal my giddiness because after all, I hadn't even tasted the nachos yet. I walked to my car, unlocked the door and let out a sequel of delight as I looked down at my lap. I actually hate eating in my car but there was just no way I was gonna' chance wasting one bite of this meal. The food was practically overflowing from the cute recyclable container they served it in.

I took one bite and my anticipation was proven to be well deserved. Did I already say OMG? This food was just so good. The cheese, the cream, the chips, everything was delicious. My only regret was not getting the Mexican Hot Chocolate they served for $1.  Look them up, find out where they are going to be, go try them. I know you won't regret it!

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