Friday, May 16, 2014

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Recipe

I really struggle sometimes with coming up with vegetable side dishes. Sometimes I feel like I eat the same thing over and over. Well, I do eat this dish over and over but it doesn't bother me one bit because it is good and good for you. The hubster actually knows that if i say I'm making broccoli that it will be roasted. But, just for him I decided to try to change it up a tad with the addition of cauliflower This is a super easy recipe and it takes no time at all. I'm sure you'll like how quick and easy it is as well as the taste.

For this  you'll need:

1 head Cauliflower
3 heads Broccoli
4 tbsp Olive Oil (I really just eyeballed it, this is not a strict recommendation)
Kosher Salt
1 1/2 tbsp Garlic
1/4 cup Onion

1. Heat oven to 415 degrees.

2. Wash broccoli and dry thoroughly. How you cut your broccoli is really a personal preference. I eat some of the stem but some people (like my husband) only want the florets. To cut, trim off a chunk of the very bottom portion of the stem, around 1-2 inches, and discard. You can slice the remaining portion of the stem, if you prefer, into 1/2 inch portions or smaller  until you reach the florets. I trim the florets organically, just letting them separate where they will, into large or small pieces.

3. When cutting the cauliflower the florets are face down and the stem is up. Remove the bottom leaves and stem by cutting each leaf until all that remains is the cauliflower core and the attached stems. Cut off each stem until all you have is a long core without florets. Discard the lonely core and combine the broccoli and cauliflower on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet or roasting pan.

4. Mince garlic and onion and throw in with the florets. Now, drizzle in the olive oil and toss everything together making sure the onion and garlic are on the florets and not just covering the bottom of the pan. Season with salt and pepper, I really just eyeballed that too. Don't skimp on the salt and pepper is all I can say. Don't head down the road to hypertension but don't skimp.

Put this in the oven for at least 15 minutes, more like 20, and you will have a delicious and eaaaaasssssyyyyy side dish.The onion and garlic lend awesome caramelized flavor to the veggie cousins (No really, look it up, they're related) and the little burned corners are heavenly. Yaay for us, our taste buds and easy side dishes!


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