Tuesday, May 13, 2014

♫ Allow me to reintroduce myself, My name is ♫..... SUMMER!

Sooooo I did not pick the best time to start a blog. I'm still not completely sure how I will blog, go to school, and be a mom and wife but the good news for now is that "♫ School's out for summer ♫." Well sorta good news. I would prefer to get as many classes under my belt as I can but summer school is not really possible for me so I will be more present for the time being. Not that anybody even sees this blog yet but here's hoping. So don't let the lack of posts deter you from sticking around. The good news is that for both the fall and spring semester I pulled out with a 3.5. Yaaaay Me! Now let's get back to the good stuff. The sweet, spicy, sour, sticky, slightly burnt and all things scrumptious stuff.  Muah!

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